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How to choose a pressure cooker

The different models of pressure cookers are different from each other? What are the subtleties of this design? How to choose the right pressure cooker? Let's face it.

It is said that there is a classic conventional pressure cooker, which is put on the fire, and a modern electric version. Both device models The principle is the same, the only difference in the supply of energy.

The basic principle of cooking in a pressure cooker - this preparation under high pressure, so that food is cooked more rapidly and a maximum stored nutrients in foods. Pressure cooker has a tight-fitting lid, which is not open during cooking.

The cover two valves installed - working and emergency. Safety valve releases excess steam out above a certain level of pressure inside the pressure cooker.

The pressure cooker is different from Multivarki?

Emergency valve does the same thing, but at a higher pressure level. It must work if the service valve for some reason did not cope with his task.

Features of the cooker unit - in its multi-layered bottom and walls. They may be aluminum, stainless steel and even enameled. In electric pressure cookers housing can be plastic. Vary the volume of the pressure cooker and from 0.5 to 40 liters (a commercial version).

What kind of pressure cooker to choose?

For small families the optimal amount of pressure cooker - it is 5-6 liters. In a pressure cooker put a whole chicken. When it comes to electric pressure cooker, it is important to pay attention on the additional features of this device, the availability overview window (if you are too curious and want to see what happens to food during cooking), essential and easy to use menu, the manufacturer and capacity of the device (an average of about 1000 W). The most important thing in cooking in a pressure cooker - a leak, through which high pressure is maintained. Note the gasket in the cap, which must be tightly closed.

Healthy eating with multivarka

Traditional classic pressure cooker are aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum is cheaper and easier to heat up more quickly, but they are not desirable to cook acidic and salty foods, because it corrodes the internal protective film of the walls of the pan.

Steel pressure cooker heated slowly to solve this problem are made in sandwich bottom, one layer is made usually from the same aluminum. In such steel pressure cookers can cook any dish.

When properly cared for quite a long time Multivarki service. Enjoy the shopping!